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We have the most generous members in our Granite State Chapter! YOU can continue to help by sending directly from Amazon.

Ms. Trish Jeffrey                                                                                 March 15, 2024

Granite State Chapter NAWIC



Dear Ms. Jeffrey,                                                       


Thank you for your donation of toiletries to Clear Path for Veteran’s Empowerment Center!


Your donation will help us continue our work to support Veterans that are on various pathways to healing.  This year we began working in collaboration with other local nonprofits to focus attention on homeless and at risk of homeless Veterans and their families.  They need resources, including clothing and toiletries now more than ever and we are grateful to be able to provide these products thanks to NAWIC.


We appreciate your support.  Your contribution is making a difference for Veterans across Massachusetts!



Ann-Marie Rogers

Donor Relations

Clear Path for Veteran's Empowerment Center

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