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Spring Conference was a Splash in Annapolis Maryland!

Over 55 women from North East chapters attend the Spring Conference in early April!

Some of the highlights included fantastic guest speakers and awards for Future Leader and Member of the Year! Below are the resolutions recapping the joy, inspiration and commeraderie felt by all!

Northeast Region Spring Forum Resolutions


WHEREAS, the NAWIC members and guests of Northeast Region gathered for the Spring Forum 2024 to focus on the Keys to Leadership Empowering Women at the Helm and conduct business under the great guidance of the Director Heather Groves. 

and WHEREAS, we gathered in Annapolis Maryland hosted by our NAWIC Baltimore Chapter at the Graduate Hotel where we were humbly welcomed aboard, and enjoyed wonderful service with nautical themes.

And WHEREAS, the presidents, stand-ins, and other notable leaders met on Friday to collaborate and our incoming director announced we were all early and she was not late but on time, “AWKWARD”. Wheras great conversation and ideas for our collective chapter’s future growth ensued. 

And WHEREAS the membership arrived to crab cakes and sliders which buoyed great conversation as some settled in for the night and others gamed locally.

and WHEREAS, the 10th Annual Regional Spring Forum was officially called to order at precisely  8am and Wheras Heather noted we will refrain from throwing paper balls.

and WHEREAS Sharon Adkins brought us to our feet singing her beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. And Wheras, Jillian led us in the Pledge of Allegiance,

and WHEREAS, we got down to business with forum appointments, VIP introductions, safety announcements, review of the agenda, that truly doesn’t matter because Heather as Chair of the forum reserves the right to change it at any time,

and WHEREAS the agenda was immediately changed because it was too early to verify the count of plebes sitting in the galley.

And WHERAS the 34th Comptroller of MD, Brooke Lierman, who is notably the first women to hold this office spoke about the importance of women in our economy. And who exclaimed, “We all do better, when we all do better – and we all do better when women do better” Women matter to our economy!

And Whereas, Catherine declared she would keep us all in order and act as NAWIC police and whereas she further told us to act like adults and take our name badges off “JUST IN CASE” while in public.

Whereas Kelly Aust gave President Hager’s personal welcome, in short summary ensuring we all know that we have a board of Dynamic Ladies but also that NAWIC is amazing and magical because of the members.

Whereas Kelly encouraged us to share our stories and then did her best to convince us that by-laws are exciting and we should all jump at the chance to review them, in detail.  But more importantly she wants us to know our VOTES MATTER. We have “VOICES AND CHOICES”

Whereas we turned our attention to Doreen who presented the Region Fund Policy changes. Heather kept the meeting moving as the vote was a unanimous yeah even though Heather just likes to say neeeiighhh. 

And WHEREAS Doreen then reviewed the 24/25 Budget Income where we heard a big “Yeah”, but then turned to the forum expenses with a slight “Ouch”. Whereas the members were encouraged to help get sponsorship for further forums to help keep the registrations costs affordable and keep us out of a crunch. Whereas Doreen concluded by asking us if that was exciting enough and noting that she is getting more trusted every year since it is her first year as Guardian Trustee, with Jennifer Dewees working on gaining trust and Paula still being the most trusted.

Whereas, Jillian the regional Membership Chair then directed us all to the program and something she had sent to Catherine on page 14, and that was it for her report.

Whereas the regional WIC Week Chair, Marie Patton shared a slide show of pictures while talking about how our region absolutely slayed this 26th year of WIC WEEK with Chapters joining powers. Governments proclaiming, newscasts covering all of our fierce warrior queens in hard hats and safety glasses!

Whereas, Block Kids Chair Lindsey Dejarlais announced that 6 chapters participate which is slightly down, however our national nominee this year is a little girl from the Philadelphia Chapter and we are excited at her opportunity to represent us in Baltimore.

Whereas, Ambre Schaffer from the Baltimore Chapter President– reviewed the Baltimore Coffee and Conversation – and told us to  – keep it consistent. Use trade partners to pay for breakfast and that while FOMO captures attention Fresh Eyes always help us grow!

Whereas the conversation leaned toward Camp NAWIC, MYWIC, and our passionate members desire to grow the availability to more kids. Whereas, Jillian agreed with all except the desire to work with kids and thanked teachers for their hard work. 

Whereas Doreen gave the update on the NSF Scholarship application review process, stressing that if you feel like you are not having an impact, YOU ARE having an impact –Over 200K in scholarships have been awarded so far and these young people are being inspired by you.

And WHEREAS, Jennifer Dewees has mentioned more than once we come to NAWIC forums to fill our NAWIC cups.

Wheras our attention then turned to our next keynote speaker.

And WHEREAS, Dr. Linda Singh, retired Major General of the Maryland National Guard took to the stage to speak with us on IMPACT AND MOVING FORWARD. She was bold in sharing that getting women in senior level positions doesn’t happen by just talking about it, it has to be intentional. Wheras, she made it clear that what we need in a room is diversity of thought, diversity of people, and diversity of capability.

Whereas, Lisa of NOVA thanked Dr. Singh for her service to our Country and Dr. Singh thanked all of us for building our country!

Whereas after lunch, Cornell Johnson, Director of D.E.I. of the (CEWD) filled the room with energetic conversation stressing the importance that we stop apologizing and instead turn those apologies into thank you’s. -  Thank your co-workers for understanding that you need to leave work on time to pick up your children. Wheras that led him to call for us to focus on 1 degree of shift for enough to move us and those around us in a new direction.

And WHEREAS Cornell initiated a fireside chat with two brave dynamic women, who shared stores of inspiration and encouragement.

And WHERAS, the first timers were treated to another amazing program where we feuded, priced fought for some amazing Baltimore berger cookies.

and WHEREAS, after a bit of rest and sunshine the Atrium filled once again with members enjoying grand conversations, formal pictures, and libations all while Goats illuminated from the sky.  

And WHERAS Heather lead us into the dinner by welcoming Catherine to the stage who proceeded to thank Heather for an amazing two years full of growth for our region under her bold leadership while looking up at the sky in efforts to keep the eyes dry.

And WHERAS The awards celebration kicked off with the legacy members who have kept our organization strong through, 25, 30, & 40 years. The Ellen’s took it this year with Sue-Ellen celebrating 30 and Jo-Ellen celebrating 40 years of being badass bold women and also being recognized with the lifetime achievement award . While it was also noted that our lifetime member joined one year prior to the birth year of our next regional director.

And WHERAS it means we represent a wealth of knowledge. Which leads to a bright future only highlighted by our Future Leader of the Year Ambre Schaeffer of the Baltimore Chapter. Whereas if you told Ambre two years ago that she would be standing on our stage she would have said yeah right – but she is proof that when you lean into your chapter amazing things happen for you and the women around you.

Where then Jillian accepted North East Region member of Year because she &*&(*&*! loves NAWIC and she has shit to say, Wheras BuffallOOO can now all agree!

Whereas we were treated to a wonderful dinner and service, followed by group pictures and dancing.

And WHERAS a breakfast fit for admirals welcomed our final day and WHERAS Paula got our counts right on the first yeah (allowing Heather to neigh one last time).

WHERAS Jennifer Dewees, humbly presented a picture in pink TUTU and her first NAWIC Keynote beautifully. Whereas she shared her personal story and encouraged us to embrace opportunities, advocate for ourselves and take one actionable step to make change.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Northeast Regional Spring Members recognizes the amazing passion, hard work, and dedication Heather Groves has bestowed on our 800 plus members during her tenure as Northeast Regional Director 2022-2024. Whereas we acknowledge she kept us engaged, moving forward and disciplined, “LADIES” and leaves us with these call to actions;

Amplify your voice

Seek and Provide Sponsorship and Mentorship

Pursue Continuous Learning

Cultivate Resilience and Leadership

Collaborate for change

Celebrate Success


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we look forward to becoming a region of 1000 powerful members strong represented at National in HOUSTON and at Fall Regional in STOWE VERMONT!


Unanimously approved this (day) of (month), (year).


Signed: __________________________________________ (Organization/Council/Board Chair)

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