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Toni Cavallini

W. T. Rich Company

“There are so many career options that won’t show up on the list your high school counselor gives to you. The major listed on your college degree does not define you. Jump into your opportunities, and keep your eyes open for the things that you really enjoy, then figure out how to get paid for doing it!”

Toni Cavallini has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, with the last five years as a dedicated Scheduler. If you count the time she spent on a land surveying crew with her father before receiving her Construction Management degree, that number would be much higher. Toni left college thinking she would become a professional land surveyor, but instead she was pulled into commercial project management. Her scheduling experience includes vertical construction, large scale EPCM pharmaceutical, and water and wastewater projects.

Toni enjoys working with a team to tell the story of a project through scheduling, and using that story to plan for the success of future projects.

Toni joined NAWIC in 2021 as the representative for Methuen Construction. She looks forward to continuing her membership with her new company, W.T. Rich Company. Additionally, she appreciates that NAWIC provides connection in this new world of remote working.

Toni lives in Merrimac, MA with her husband and three teenage daughters. In her free time, Toni plays competitive tennis, captaining three teams this year. She enjoys knitting and always carries her Kindle with her to fill itme with reading.

Toni Cavallini
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