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Tara Eggleston-Johnston

“Roll up your sleeves, embrace  curiosity, and never compromise your  true self. In the construction industry, many women may feel compelled to  conform or tone themselves down -  but resist that urge. Stay committed to your personal and professional  growth, and go the extra mile to gain  knowledge and expertise. Remember,  your unique perspective and voice are  valuable assets. So, get your hands  dirty, stay curious, and let your  dedication shine through.”

Tara Eggleston-Johnston holds the position of Preconstruction Admin Manager at Methuen Construction, where her role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities. From overseeing bid management and engaging with subcontractors to analyzing and implementing process improvements and bid documents, she handles various operations aspects. Additionally, Tara plays a vital role in marketing and business development. 

Her extensive education and training background includes more than 16 years of work experience in the construction industry. Tara's journey has been enriched by engaging in work-study programs, participating in industry-specific practicums, and earning a Construction Management degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology. This comprehensive foundation equips her with the expertise and knowledge needed to excel in her multifaceted role at Methuen Construction. 

In 2023, Tara became a corporate member of NAWIC.  She firmly believes in her ability to make a meaningful  impact on the ongoing progress and success of this NAWIC  chapter and network, and the advancement and  empowerment of women in construction.  

When she's not conquering the construction world, Tara  seeks out adventure with her husband, John Joe, and  three boys, Eoin, Ebhin, and Egan. Her favorite past-time  is exploring fun and exciting places with her family. She is  always trying to strike the perfect balance between work  and play.  

Tara's vibrant personality, dedication to her craft, and love  for her family make her an exceptional member of any  team. She's not just a construction whiz; she's a friendly,  fascinating force to be reckoned with. 

Tara Eggleston-Johnston
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