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Sarah Geehan - Director

Harvey Construction

“Go for it! Don't be intimidated by the big "dogs". You have the knowledge and skills to bring to this world, so bring it! You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Also, you are human, you will mess up sometimes, just take what you learned from it, and apply it towards bettering yourself for next time.”

Sarah Geehan started in the construction industry as an administrator at an SDVOSB general construction company in 2014. She was 20 years old and quickly fell in love with the ever-changing field. Sarah then became a Construction Management Coordinator at the same company, and eventually moved on to become a Project Engineer. Currently, she serves as an Assistant Project Manager at Harvey Construction. Sarah is looking forward to her continued growth and knowledge of the industry. Her favorite part of her job is searching for the puzzle pieces, making sure everything fits where it is supposed to, and, of course, finding that one straggler piece that always seems to go missing.

Sarah recently joined NAWIC in 2023. With only 10.9% of the construction industry being women, she wanted to join an empowering and supportive community. Sarah feels the support of NAWIC is inspirational and is happy to be a part of it.

Sarah’s husband and her three children live in Manchester, NH. Some of her hobbies include BBQ, photography, and hanging out with her kids. As a family, they love camping, reading, coloring, and being outdoors.

Sarah Geehan - Director
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