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Risa J. Taylor

Metro Walls, Inc.

"Be open to the experience. All industries can be tough and present challenges, but be the person that shows up with solutions!"

Risa Taylor has worked in the HR field for over ten years. She started her career in payroll and successfully moved toward HR in the Business Partner/Employee Relations world. Through some great opportunities, she ended up with ADP TotalSource and became an integral part of many organizations that did not have a strong, in-house HR department. Risa received her BS while with ADP, along with her PHR, and moved to an in-house role as the HR Director for a tech/hospitality start-up located out of NY. She recently found herself presented with an opportunity to join the Metro Walls, Inc. team in Manchester, NH, as their Director of HR and People Operations, and when she had a chance to meet the president and senior leadership team, the choice to be part of the company was an easy choice to make.

Risa joined NAWIC Granite State at the end of 2023. Coming into the construction industry from the outside, she wanted to fully immerse herself in the environment to understand the challenges in the industry and learn what we can do to change those challenges into opportunities. She also joined to build a network, not only in HR, but in a female-focused environment. Risa feels the more she can learn from seasoned professionals that have made their mark in the NE construction space, the better she can be.

Risa currently lives in Southern NH. Between her and her husband, they have five children ages 18-34 and some grand babies in the mix. They live with a small menagerie of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, two rats, and a snake. In her "spare" time, she loves to go on motorcycle rides with her husband, travel to new places, spend time with their grandkids, and hang out on the porch and read.

Risa J. Taylor
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