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Lee-Ann Dicey


“Do not give up when you are met with adversity. Not all companies are created equally, find the one where you fit, are accepted, and supported. You will be faced with tough situations and sometimes feel like you need to prove that you belong here, maybe more often than you'd like, but don't give up, it's all worth it in the long run. Know your worth and don't be afraid to speak up and take up space!”

Last fall, Lee-Ann Dicey made a leap from the position of Operations Manager for a large dirt contractor to working on the corporate supplier side as the Regional Machine Inventory Coordinator at Milton Cat. She is very proud of her career growth over the last couple of years. Lee-Ann blazed the path as the first woman to hold the position, as she was in her previous employer, in their 26 years in business. She opened that door as wide as she could and was honored to have hired her replacement in that postion, another woman! In her new role, Lee-Ann is surrounded by amazing women in this industry at a company with a culture that is inclusive to anyone who wants to grow. She originally changed her career path to have more flexibility during this chapter of her life, but soon realized that the possibilities are endless and as life changes, there are many other paths to explore!

Lee-Ann joined NAWIC Granite State in 2020. She wanted to get to know and become more involved with the women in our industry in hopes to learn more about their impact or the adversity they may face.

Lee-Ann lives in Barrington with her two very active boys, ages 7 and 10, and two pups Ellie and Tommy. When her family is not at one of their many sporting events, you can find them in the mountains or the lakes of NH and Maine snowmobiling, swimming, or boating!

Lee-Ann Dicey
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