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Lauren Silk


“Work hard and be proud of what you do. Keep an open mind and take advantage of connecting with others in construction. There are so many job opportunities around construction. In addition to learning a trade, keep learning, improve your skills and help others along the way. Working in this industry can give you satisfation of a job well done and invaluable skills to have forever.”

Lauren Silk is a Partner Development Administrator for DECCO, Inc. in Nashua, NH. Prior to working for DECCO, Inc., she worked in customer service, training, and expense budget management in the telecommunication industry, then in a behavioral support role for neurodivergent learners in educattion, working with students in grades five through eight. Lauren’s current role allows her to continue to work with students through DECCO’s three year Apprenticeship Program. She ensures apprentices complete required classroom and on the job training. Lauren attends school and career fairs as well and partners with various organizatuons that support trades to educate others about the industry and recruit future apprentices.

This is her first year working in the construction industry and just joined NAWIC in 2023. She noticed our female partners are good at their craft, but the industry does not have many women. Looking for ways to broaden outreach and connect with other women in this industry, Lauren was happy to find NAWIC and excited to learn about a NH chapter. She looks forward to meeting others and learning more!

Lauren lives in Amherst, NH and enjoys spending time with her husband, Don and their four children, Mason, Emily, Matthew and Austin, as well as their rescue dog, Daisy. Lauren loves to read, belongs to a book club, and has a passion for photography. She volunteers as a photographer for her children’s sports events and is always finding ways to take pictures of partners at work.

Lauren Silk
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