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Elizabeth Morse - Director

Lewis Builders Development

“Ask questions, listen, and absorb all the experience around you. Coming into this industry there are people who have been doing this work for their entire career, and there is so much that we can learn from them. Our greatest resources in this industry are the people around us.”

Elizabeth Morse started working at Lewis Builders four years ago, the summer after college as an administrative assistant. Her first task was to work with a construction management company, a design team, and the Lewis Builders team to get a project started. It was a great learning experience! Elizabeth was thrown into learning as she went, as construction was not her focus in college. She has now been working on the same project, the Atkinson Heights Luxury Condominiums, for four years and has nearly 3.5 buildings under her belt. Though she is now a Project Manager and has more experience, she is still learning new things every day.

Elizabeth joined NAWIC in December 2019 at the holiday party. She received an email about the association, and being new to the industry, thought it would be a good way of meeting other women in the trades. Elizabeth is very happy she did and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

Elizabeth grew up in Atkinson, NH and her project is also in Atkinson, so she takes as many opportunities to travel as she can. She enjoys traveling to visit friends, camping, seeing new places and experiencing other environments.

Elizabeth Morse - Director
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